High Speed Permanent Magnet Generators

HS PMGs offer high power and efficiency at all speeds combined with the
smallest size and weight. ABB manufactured the first HS PMG in 2003.
  • Smallest size and weight
  • Power range 1 - 7 MW and more
  • Low and medium voltage (690 - 3300 V)
  • Operational speed range 0 - 2000 rpm
  • Proven, cost-efficient generators with fast delivery
  • Patented ABB PM rotor technology has proven short circuit withstand
    without demagnetization

High Speed design:

Using a proven standard high speed (HS) drivetrain provides flexibility in turbine concept selection. The HS PMG system is mechanically similar to doubly-fed one. It offers turbine OEM´s a fast-track from DF to gain all the benefits of full converter (FC) concept without extensive re-engineering. It enables easy logistics, assembly and low crane cost. Using same drivetrain for all turbine sizes also results in standardization and globally identical production lines.

ABB has 20 years of experience in PM Technology, which enables us to use optimized, cost-efficient low magnet mass designs and still offer the highest performance in the markets. Our HS PM rotor is designed for the highest fatigue and peak loads with overspeeds up to 3000 rpm.
We use special magnet modules for maximum corrosion protection and reliable fastening of magnets. Our global, long-term supply agreements for magnet material secures capacity, availability and cost control.

Our 30 years of experience in demanding converter applications ensure full electrical compatibility for the generator-converter package. Today we have combined all high speed solutions in a modular platform; which can be used for both DF and FC concepts with either DF, PM or squirrel cage rotors.


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