ABB awarded two solar power plant contracts in Bulgaria totaling 57 MWp

2012-02-29 - ABB has been awarded contracts for supplying grid connection facilities, solar inverters, transformers and switchgear for two photovoltaic (PV) power plants. The combined output of both solar power plants is 57 megawatt-peak (MWp).

ABB has signed contracts to supply solar inverters and grid connections for two PV power plants, one 50.6 MWp and the other is a 5.88 MWp power plant. Together, this equates to 48 megawatt (MW) worth of deliveries. The products will be delivered during the spring of 2012. Both projects will use ILB Helios AG crystalline solar modules and will go in operation by June 2012.

The 50.6 MWp project deal comprises 24 locally designed and manufactured containerized substations each housing ABB solar inverters and medium voltage (MV) components for grid connection. Each container substation includes two or four 500 kilowatt (kW) central inverters, and respectively one or two 1000kVA vacuum cast coil dry type transformers, 20kV switchgear and solar array junction boxes. ABB in Bulgaria is also in charge for construction of the grid connection facilities by delivering 20/110kV step-up substation and rehabilitation of surrounding 110kV grid.

The 5.88 MWp project comprises five standardized ABB megawatt stations, including two 500 kW central inverters, a 1000 kVA transformer, 20 kV switchgear and grid connection. ABB will also supply two RTU560 based monitoring and control systems that provide on-line performance information, one for the O&M team and second for the local utility (owned by EoN Bulgaria Networks). All of the components within the megawatt station, including the steel-framed insulated container, are designed and produced by ABB.

“ABB’s products for medium and high voltage grid connection supported by ABB’s local capabilities to install and erect related systems have proven their value for dynamic and rapid photovoltaic business,” says Stefan Minchev, Manager of ABB Power Technology business unit in Bulgaria. “This project is a good example of seamless cooperation between the ABB product division and local systems division providing rapid response to customer needs.”

“The ABB Megawatt station is among the most compact solutions on the market, making system installation fast and easy,” says Vasil Takev, sales manager for ABB solar inverters in Bulgaria. “These projects are the latest example on importance of ABB’s local service and support organization and close to markets presence.”

The ABB megawatt station, PVS800-MWS, is a turnkey solution designed for large-scale solar power generation. It houses all the electrical equipment that is needed to rapidly connect a PV power plant to a MV electricity grid. The total package weighs only 20 tons. At 50 m3, the container’s volume is some 15 percent smaller than equivalent available solutions on the market. These make the transportation of the container easier and less expensive.


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